About Us

  • About Us

    Doing it all is not enough!

    Armed with top 10 Business school acumen, the perspectives of fuel facility owners as well as employees averaging 15+ years of industry experience, we banded to squash the phrase "They're all the same", all too often heard by fuel tank operators referencing the unsatisfying balance of work quality, cost and responsiveness offered by compliance service providers.

  • Our Philosophy

    Simplified. Low Cost.

    Peace of Mind - Receive regular updates about your site's compliance actions; one simple page and the comfort you're not missing anything!

    Low Cost - Your peace of mind won't cost you more; Get high quality services at most competitive prices.

    Reduced Downtime - Expert training gives our technicians the tools and know-how to diagnose errors and get you up and running as fast as possible.

  • Competitors

    Dare to compare...

    Many compliance service providers are proficient in one jurisdiction, but not necessarily all of California. Some have several techs; not necessarily all experienced. Then there's the overhead they charge for having too many idle technicians. Here are some questions you can ask your service provider to see if they have what it takes.

    1- Are they certified to perform a line test or a cathodic protection test?

    2- Will they leave another job to address a problem on your site?

    3- When inexperienced techs show up, how will they get expert knowledge and where is it?

  • Geography

    We're nearby...

    More than 300 fuel operating sites throughout Northern California including San Francisco, Sacramento & Fairfield trust Epic to provide timely services that mitigate environmental contamination and pollution from toxic leaks. Past and present customers include:

    Arco Gas Stations + California Highway Patrol

    Golden Gate Petroleum + Oakland Coliseum

    United Parcel Services + Verizon Wireless