About Us

  • Services

    EPIC provides inspection, testing and equipment installation services, as well as any required documentation, permits and compliance paperwork that your fuel dispensing facility may need. You can rest assured we have it all covered so you have fewer headaches; rather than dealing with multiple parties; EPIC is a one stop that can handle most things all at once for you.
    Still, we don't think that's enough. Our job is to translate any required compliance actions for your site into a time and cost estimate so you can make decisions in "plain English"; in terms you're familiar with.

  • Testing and Inspections


    Typically, our test technicians have 20+ certifications from equipment manufacturers as well as state and regional jurisdictions. Since test regulations vary by regional and local municipalities, whether you own one site or many across a wide geographic area, this experience will provide two main benefits when a problem arises on your site

    1) Minimize diagnosis and down time to your site

    2) Manage actions with inspectors to reduce impact to your business


    We only do repair and maintenance as an activity related to testing. If we find a failure on site while doing a test, we can usually complete the repair on site, as we carry an inventory of commonly used parts.

    In the event we're not carrying a part, we can usually order it, bring it back to site, install it, re-test and get you up and running, all the while coordinating with the inspectors so that your site continues to operate until the repair is completed.

    Air District Testing

    EPIC has completed testing in nearly every jurisdiction in California. Plus, we have completed certification in all Air Quality districts that require additional training, such as San Joaquin and South Coast Air Quality. We have the right stuff, the "knowledge and experience" to perform ALL Air Quality and CARB mandated tests on every system you may have at your site.

    That includes, EVR Phase I, EVR Phase II systems (Veeder Root Canister, Healy, VST) and ISD wherever it is installed.

    Water Resources Board Testing

    EPIC is certified to complete all Annual Monitoring certifications. Did you also know we are certified to do testing for Ronan, Petro-meter, Estabrook and other less known monitoring systems?

    In addition, we are also certified "tank testers" by the state of California, a designation given by the state government to a handful of people who have performed a minimum of 50 supervised precision tank tests. Few technicians have received this distinction and ours were one of the first to get it. We can perform line tests, precision tank tests and cathodic protection testing. Can your provider do that?

    Monthly Inspections and Training

    Until a tank has been decommissioned, a monthly inspection for tanks of a minimum size, regardless of whether they are empty or not, are mandated by the state of California's Water Resources board.

    We perform these inspections and provide the required training for operators who might encounter a situation requiring special attention like spill containment, fire, drive offs as well as other incidents.

    Training is delivered using a consistent methodology to ensure every employee receives the same knowledge and understands precisely what actions need to be taken and when.

  • Documentation


    Keeping up with the documents needed by various oversight agencies is a monumental task. Every piece of equipment needs to be accounted for; site plans, hazardous material, permit to operate, authority to construct, business plans requires record keeping and updating. This can be a significant investment of time on the part of every facility operator that can be invested in more expertise relevant activities.

    We provide the service to complete every permit, business plan and document for you. We understand the terminology, know where the documents are located, who they need to be given to and who needs to sign off on them, etc...


    When a failure is identified and a piece of equipment at a fuel tank facility needs to be replaced, or a monitor needs to be restarted, a permit is required.

    EPIC can file that permit on your behalf. This way you don't have to worry about knowing which permit to file, who to send it to, where to get the documents to fill out and where to get all the information to fill in.

    Regulatory Documents

    In addition to permits and monthly inspection reports, oversight agencies want every facility to provide a hazardous material business plan (HMBP), an emergency response plan, training logs, containment event logs, material changes in on-site material, etc... The list can be extensive.

    We know you just want to run your business, so EPIC can have this information filled out and filed on your behalf. This way you don't have to worry about spending hours out of your precious day working on something you REALLY ONLY look at once per year.